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  In an effort to increase traffic to my web site, I switched my web site hosting from WordPress to Hubspot in April 2014. For[…]

Many businesses today need to describe their products and services in simple terms, and quickly. But condensing their story into a 2- or 3-minute video[…]

How to maximize content marketing cost by understanding, and catering to, the various ways that people read. In other words, break down your readership and[…]

If we’ve learned anything about marketing in 2014, it’s that micro videos, those super short clips on Vine and Instagram, are on fire. Brands that[…]

15-second YouTube videos are the future of business lead gen because they introduce your product quickly. Can we really tell a business or product story[…]

Business buyers are short on time so you need to introduce your product quickly. 15-second YouTube videos are the future of business lead gen. Humor[…]

Yes, it’s true. Despite the fact that I’ve written literally hundreds of client scripts over the years, even for big-name brands, I suck at writing[…]

An emotional production from Reebok asks why we work out as hard as we do.

Clearly, from an increasing number of respected authorities, we’re realizing that video marketing really matters. In fact, according to a report from Vidyard and Ascend2,[…]

I love it when the marketing industry makes fun of itself. This viral video from Adobe scores big with a surprise ending. But for those[…]