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Many businesses today need to describe their products and services in simple terms, and quickly. But condensing their story into a 2- or 3-minute video[…]

How to maximize content marketing cost by understanding, and catering to, the various ways that people read. In other words, break down your readership and[…]

If we’ve learned anything about marketing in 2014, it’s that micro videos, those super short clips on Vine and Instagram, are on fire. Brands that[…]

15-second YouTube videos are the future of business lead gen because they introduce your product quickly. Can we really tell a business or product story[…]

Yes, it’s true. Despite the fact that I’ve written literally hundreds of client scripts over the years, even for big-name brands, I suck at writing[…]

Clearly, from an increasing number of respected authorities, we’re realizing that video marketing really matters. In fact, according to a report from Vidyard and Ascend2,[…]

While the world is full of people who know how to press the red “record” button on a video camera and point it at whatever[…]

Video is increasingly relied upon by business buyers to increase awareness of new solutions, to better understand how those solutions align with their goals, and[…]

Marketing Legend. Now that’s a title that you could get used to. The whole industry knowing your name, emulating your last campaign, watching your every[…]

The notion that a person or company can make a marketing video or branded video to go viral is a lot like thinking they can[…]