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Marketing Legend. Now that’s a title that you could get used to. The whole industry knowing your name, emulating your last campaign, watching your every[…]

This is, by far, one of the best viral videos I’ve ever seen. Like I’ve said elsewhere, humor combined with a catchy tune is the[…]

Proof that guys will race ANYthing…

This week’s viral video comes from GoPro. I’ve done some crazy stuff on my bike over the years. Nothing like this though. I prefer two[…]

The notion that a person or company can make a marketing video or branded video to go viral is a lot like thinking they can[…]

LOVING the latest Android campaign. The TV spots are great, this one is even better…

While advice abounds on what to put into your next marketing video, I thought it might be time to talk about what should not be[…]

For this week’s viral video, a New Yorker shows what happens when she walks down a typical street. It’s true, men really do hassle women[…]

Super fun project for our friends at First Republic Bank…