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Proof that guys will race ANYthing…

This week’s viral video comes from GoPro. I’ve done some crazy stuff on my bike over the years. Nothing like this though. I prefer two[…]

The notion that a person or company can make a marketing video or branded video to go viral is a lot like thinking they can[…]

LOVING the latest Android campaign. The TV spots are great, this one is even better…

For this week’s viral video, a New Yorker shows what happens when she walks down a typical street. It’s true, men really do hassle women[…]

While it may seem like viral videos take off by accident, there’s actually a short list of psychology traits that the most popular marketing videos[…]

I recently wrote a guest post for Michael Fleischner’s blog. In it, I critique a few of the top viral videos of 2013 and how[…]

According to Gfk, in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), time spent online rose yet again in 2012, boosted by particularly notable growth in[…]

eMarketer shows the power of social video over interruption advertising.

Here’s a great article about how companies are using video today. Just last year, companies simply posted the video on YouTube and hoped for the[…]