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How to maximize content marketing cost by understanding, and catering to, the various ways that people read. In other words, break down your readership and[…]

If we’ve learned anything about marketing in 2014, it’s that micro videos, those super short clips on Vine and Instagram, are on fire. Brands that[…]

Yes, it’s true. Despite the fact that I’ve written literally hundreds of client scripts over the years, even for big-name brands, I suck at writing[…]

I love it when the marketing industry makes fun of itself. This viral video from Adobe scores big with a surprise ending. But for those[…]

Google’s look back at 2014 reveals a lot about people based on what we’ve searched for. Backed by a killer music track, this viral really[…]

Not exactly a “viral” video, but impressive just the same. As an outdoor enthusiast, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this production. It[…]

Marketing Legend. Now that’s a title that you could get used to. The whole industry knowing your name, emulating your last campaign, watching your every[…]

This is, by far, one of the best viral videos I’ve ever seen. Like I’ve said elsewhere, humor combined with a catchy tune is the[…]

Proof that guys will race ANYthing…

This week’s viral video comes from GoPro. I’ve done some crazy stuff on my bike over the years. Nothing like this though. I prefer two[…]