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Your whole story in just 15 seconds.

Do your customers have trouble paying attention? Then a #microvideo is the answer! With our simple story framework, we can tell your product, service or brand story in just 15 seconds. Prospects can quickly “get it” and move on to a purchase. We’ll even provide a specially formatted version for Instagram and show you how to post it to your account.

Don’t make them wait for your epic to unfold, tell them quickly in a sweet little micro video.

Micro Video for B2B

Micro Video for B2C

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The creative approaches for consumer marketing and business marketing are very different. Consumer marketers need to simply capture attention and get the brand to stick in the audience’s mind – think Budweiser puppies. B2B marketers, on the other hand, typically need to tell a story to convey value. In an effort to condense those business stories, we’ve developed a sure-fire formula that conveys the essence of any B2B solution. Each B2B micro video consists of 5 parts:

  1. Challenge – what is standing in the way of someone achieving their goals.
  2. Solution – your product or service that helps them to overcome the obstacle.
  3. Result – what they got from the problem being solved.
  4. Personal impact – what the character personally gained from the experience.
  5. Wrap-up – usually just the logo & URL to keep it simple.

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